Touch of Sound

creative coding • leap motion • music

Touch of Sound

creative coding • leap motion • music

Touch of Sound is an interactive interface for people to experience music with their hand gestures.

This is a project for the Nightlife at the California Academy of Science, and the theme of the event was “Metamorphosis.” In this project I used Leap Motion to detect people’s hands position to draw images on the screen, and at the same time people can control the tempo of the music they are listening to. The distance between two hands controls the size of the shapes and the speed of the music. The idea is to help people relax in this virtual space, let their hands and whole their bodies move with the music, and see the mesmerizing images grow.

Software / Hardware: Processing, Leap Motion Library, Soundcipher Library

Developed by: You-Wen Liang



Leap Motion can easily detect user's hand position and even finger position, so I combined Leap Motion with Processing to capture the information of user's hands, and used that to control the speed of the music and the visual representations. User can create a unique image that will be saved and uploaded to a website, showcasing their creativity as a footprint.





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