Omni Transit System

design reserach • storyboarding • 3D rendering • UX

Omni Transit System

design reserach • storyboarding • 3D rendering • UX

Omni is a transportation service design concept for elderly to travel in the city.

Omni Transit System is a service design concept for elderly that makes the transit experience more reliable and friendly. There are a lot of frustrations around public transportation, for example, lack of information, unreliable paying system, unpleasant in-bus experience and so on. These are the challenges I want to solve to provide elderly a friendly transit experience. By combining the bus stops (Omni Stops) on the streets and a personal card device (Omni Card), Omni is able to help you access to the information you need, and clear out the complex steps of finding directions.

Instructors: Katie Dill, Audrey Liu

Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Rhino 3D

Process: User Research, Storyboarding, Product thinking, User-Testing


User Research

To start my research, I narrowed down my user group into independent elderly who’ve lived in the city for over 5 years, spent lots of time moving around the city by car/public transportation, who are familiar with some technologies. I wanted to understand how to provide elderly a better experience moving and navigating around the city.

Opportunity Areas

- How might we provide a simple way to help elderly stay connected and know where they are at the same time?

- How might we create a service to guide elderly around the city, or provide a more friendlier map for elderly?

- How might we enhance public environment’s ability to accommodate elderly with physical limitations?



I looked into the journey map of the elderly traveling around the city, including waiting, finding way, in transit, and I came up with three categories for my concepts:

1. Accommodate Elderly
2. Navigation & Stay Connected
3. Public Transportation Guide


I decided to focus on public transportation guide, investigating how I can create an easy way for elderly to get transit information they need while they are on the streets. My final concept is called Omni, a friendly transit system for the elderly. Omni consists of two parts. The Omni Card, and the Omni Stop.

It’s like an ATM card. But instead of withdrawing money when you are out of money, you withdraw the direction to your destination when you get lost.

I envision Omni system could be a complementary system for MUNI specifically for elderly, and furthermore be implemented in major cities with public transportation that want to provide a better experience for the elderly.


With the final concept, I went out and found elderly to test out the interface, understanding how they feel about the user flow, and whether the interaction makes sense to them. The lesson I learned was that simplifying the steps to get what they need is important, they don’t want to spend too much time in front of an interface, not knowing if they did it right or wrong, especially in public space.

Another thing about the concept is that the cost and the payment part need more research to understand how much people would willing to pay for it, ideally it should be a monthly payment of about $20. For Security issues, you can always disable the card through the website when your card got stolen, and people can’t use your card without your pin number, and they won’t see your address since the places in the card are all custom names.

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