Mariana Immersion

augmented reality • immersive experience

Mariana Immersion

augmented reality • immersive experience

Mariana Immersion is an augmented reality project experiencing the future of underwater world.

In this project, we envisioned the future when sea level rises and we have to live in the ocean. We created this setting about a science exploration of sea creatures that could help human to improve their lives living in the ocean. In order to dive deep into the ocean, human were connected to an Avatar to do the action, to see the underwater world. We built a helmet mounted with an iPad as a screen to see the underwater world. By using augmented reality people can see fishes and sea creatures with the helmet. The whole idea is to create an immersive experience of the water world for people to explore and be surprised.

Software / Hardware: Unity3D, Vuforia, 3dsMax, Maya

Team members: David Tipton, Kyle Wolf, You-Wen Liang



We used Maya + 3dsMax to create lots of 3D models of underwater creatures and imported them into Unity3D. With Vuforia and Unity3D we can create target images to implement augmented reality. The 3D models were placed on top of the target images in Unity3D so that when the camera on the tablet saw the image, the screen will display the 3D model on top of it. In order to make the experience more immersive, we created a helmet with a tablet in front of it, and used another tablet to receive the video feed from the helmet so that other people can also experience the underwater world.


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